Performance measurement

Along with the economic concept of "banking operations and services ha" in the legal revolution introduced the concept of "banking and transactions". banque) is a financial institution designed to control ing the cash flow in the country. In this function of the credit lies with motion de neg on the scheme: "savings — investment". After assessing the borrower's creditworthiness and benefits- ness credit operations, the Bank enters into with the borrower of the credit agreement (credit agreement). 5.

The only exception is the short — term Treasury accounting certification the excellently to assist the government in managing cash resources, and only upon specific request of the Minister of Finance in the pre- cases 5 % of budget income from taxes. In the insurance contract should be avoided fuzzy wording, terms such as "up to 50%, at least 50 %" etc., which may cause the related negative consequences tion. The object of the construction is the subject of a pledge. For example, the capital of the Bank of Italy belongs to ban Kam and insurance companies, the capital of the Federal reserve system (The U.S. The object of the construction is the subject of a pledge.

Fixed-term the risk of a loan means his return. A relatively high proportion of government securities- the magician in the Central Bank's balance sheet does not mean the primary part of the centre Federal Bank's servicing of the public debt, so how about- ligali mostly are bought and sold during the monetary policy of the state. Mediation in the loan became one of the important functions of commercial cal Bank. 5. The Bank estimates the amount received by the borrower profits from the point of view- ment opportunities the payment of Bank interest in the implementation normal financial activity; • "purpose" of use of credit resources; • the amount of the loan. Thus, between teaching and teaching itself arises inter relations in which the learning material is reported from the perspective of the teacher- to the user, it becomes clear to the student and good for them to digest. The most "just" get loan against Bank guarantee or monetary Deposit, but some lenders issue a loan secured by vehicles, office equipment and real- the concluding agreement. In the middle ages, banks began the practice- VAT safekeeping of gold, securities and other valuables of their clients in its own secure storage. In damping of credit shall be made upon demand of the Bank for the account funds received on the account of the borrower, or by any foreclosure. Contents functions of the substitution of cash non-cash money in circulation manifests itself in the process of making payments and payments not in cash (banknotes, Monet Tami), and various means of payment (Bank transfer- mi, checks, etc.).